“I increased my prices 3 times since taking the bootcamp and recently landed a $40K+ project plus a $15K/year ongoing retainer. That client took less than 24 hours to close. Because of Pia’s strategies I have just about a 100% close rate for my large packages, and a 100% close rate on my upsell of ongoing retainers after that" 


“When I took the bootcamp I was just starting my business in a new sector for me & didn't have clients or a plan for how to charge clients. Just a few months later I had a client pay me almost $10,000. They were quickly able to realize what I could offer at their price range and didn't even look at other consultants! By implementing the strategies in the Bootcamp I have found people take me seriously even though I am new to the industry" 


“I haven't finished implementing everything yet but I already make 25% more income for the same effort which goes straight to the bottom line. The bootcamp was well worth the time and money I invested for sure. I listen to a lot of business podcasts and have read lots of business books with good ideas, but I have not heard Pia's ideas from anywhere else. You can tell they come from experience, they are real world, and they work. " 


“I got a new client 1 day after I changed the offering on my website based on the bootcamp. Don't waste time, this is knowledge every business owner must know" - NAOMI NAKAMURA

“Within 30 days of finishing the bootcamp we sold 3 of our new higher-priced packages, sometimes within just 24 hours of initial contact" - DOUG VAN BUSKIRK

“After implementing the Bootcamp strategy, in just 1-week I signed a client to do an 'intro design' process at twice my previous price" - ZSOFI KOLLER

“A few months after taking the Bootcamp I got a client that made my investment back 24X over" - CIJI SHIPPLEY

“Within a few months of taking the Bootcamp and starting my business, I was charging $7,500/project and my first two clients I offered it to signed on the spot. The Bootcamp showed me how to build a service that was clear and irresistible. The value and credibility is built early on. It has been the best investment I've made in my business. The advice and the difference it makes for your profit will be invaluable. JUST SPEND THE MONEY and thank me later for making the suggestion.”  


“With one client I 30X my investment 3 months after starting the course. I’m a new mom, and I love that my business allows me to be an available parent. A resource that can 10x itself in 3 months? That’s pretty good math.” 


"Within a couple months I had doubled my rates and only need a 30-minute call to get a YES right away. This bootcamp is super simple and going to give you a whole new way of thinking about your business and your brand. The guidance is so helpful for creating something that's totally your own, totally different, and will stand out. No more epic proposals and scrambling to create something new for each project - you'll have a clear path to developing your own signature offering that people come to you for.”