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Hi, I'm Pia Silva!

After years of hustling just to get by with our small branding agency, my partner I ended up in debt, despite working 7 days a week. That's when we decided to scale back to scale up with a No BS Model that increased profits while decreasing our workload. Now we teach small branding & design agencies how to make all your revenue in 50% less working time working on projects that take days, not months to complete... even if you're only 1 person!

A little more about me:

  • I'm a Business & Brand Strategist at Worstofall Design which I own with my husband Steve
  • I'm the author of 'Badass Your Brand: The Impatient Entrepreneur's Guide to Turning Expertise into Profit'
  • Forbes Contributor with over 200 articles published
  • Host of the Podcast 'Show Your Business Who's Boss'
  • I've trained hundreds of students how to increase profits while decreasing their workload over the past 5 years
  • TEDx Speaker "When You Bank True Confidence, Anything Is Possible"
  • I've been a speaker and guest on hundreds of podcasts, workshops, seminars, and conferences including MSNBC, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, The Million Dollar Woman Summit, UGurus & Squarespace HQ
  • I'm on a mission to save every small creative agency from the grind of working all the time for never enough money! It CAN be easier and you owe it to yourself to try a different way!

What our "No BS Agencies" are saying...

"Just sold another $4,500 Lead Product on spot. No waiting. No hesitatation. Fastest turnaround I've ever had. That's 2 in two days! This one should have a $30k upsell at the end. Happy Monday!"

- Craig Wilson

"Just closed another LP. My fourth so far. It feels so comfortable to sell the LP, not salesy at all. Am LOVING this process!"

- Amalia Rivera

"I have been in a SERIES of high-ticket programs over the years - many of the big name ones people would recognize. They all include something LIKE this, for figuring out the wants and needs of your audience... but this! This little 12 minute video outperformed them all. I'm awestruck at how clear this was. I have 6 pages of notes that feels so much more powerful than any other "avatar" work I've ever undergone."

- Timothy Barber

"On day 17 of this process, I landed an amazing client! They had no trouble buying the Lead Product and are now buying my most expensive off, the upsell for$12K, which is the most I've ever been paid from one client. It WORKS! Thank you for all your support through this!"

- Fani Nicheva

"Delivered my first LP to a client who said she felt so understood she started crying. She immediately booked my package!"

- Susana Baker Boey

"#WIN! A potential client I spoke to 2 weeks ago book an LP last night- using the booking and payment system on my site that you taught us.

So fun to just see the payment come through in my email and know this is ON. "

- Monique Sevy

"I really see what you're teaching us as a very deep meaningful solution to one of the biggest problems in the world, which is when people (myself included) feel overwhelmed in their life, like their life is passing them by, and can never keep up and end up NOT prioritizing their personal life.

For you to basically hand us a business model that is a well-oiled machine, that can lead to an efficient work life and therefore an expansive rich personal life, spending more time with family, friends, etc., (all while helping clients) - is I think a huge step forward for humanity, not just some cool branding strategy / biz skills."

- Micaela Zahner

"#WIN Guess what? The client that did the LP who told us they probably wouldn't do the package because they have an internal design team... came back and bought the package! They were so impressed with the process they want us to do it instead. This process is closing clients that almost shouldn't be closing!"

- Evan Moore Sargent

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